Sunday, February 8, 2009

Robert Burridge - Before and After

Typically, in my studio I work on six warm-up paintings every morning. They are similar in size and all of the same theme, or series that I am working on that day. It usually takes me three passes to get the painting to where I can honestly say it's good enough to stop! The above is a before and after of a painting, 10 x10 inch square of Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper, 140 lb. My goal was to make a circus-themed painting, yet highlight a specific composition. In the "Before" painting, I stopped too soon. The theme was there; it was adequate. Yet, after looking at the painting for awhile, I knew that I needed to push my constellation composition and use it as my "WOW" -- as illustrated in the "After" painting. Successful!

I am teaching a workshop at the Sedona Art Center in April - "Fix & Finish," where we will refocus painting intentions and goals to get paintings finished, signed, varnished and out the door. It's great fun!

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