Monday, February 16, 2009

Libby Caldwell - Off Route 1

Oil on panel, 9 x 9.5, $210

I don't always approach a painting the same way. Sometimes I start with a charcoal sketch, followed by blocking in of color. Sometimes I'll do a tonal underpainting, and paint multiple glazes over it. I started this piece with a reference photo, and made no preliminary sketching on the panel before painting. This is the way I love to paint, it's exciting, I have a feeling of freedom while I paint as there is no 'plan' and there are no guidelines - just a blank panel or canvas. It is immediate, and I paint the world I see in my imagination.
So, in this painting I did keep the two figures accurate that were in the photograph. There were trees, but the scale and the colors, and the removal of superfluous items from the photo all made the very personal image I have painted. I was aiming for the 'feeling' rather than the 'reality' in this particular piece.

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