Saturday, December 6, 2008

Robert Burridge - Experimenting with Combined Media

This is an original 12 x 12 combined media on paper, mounted on canvas. 
I set out one morning to experiment and play as my warm up exercise. I started out just goofing around on 300 lb watercolor paper with gesso - building up thick layers, then scratching, scraping and imprinting shapes and patterns in the gesso before it dried. Then I painted with acrylics - building up layers of patina and also rubbing out areas, scratching thru the layers to reveal color "surprises." All the while, imbedding collage graphics and drawing back in with Derwent watersoluable pencils (my favorite is Black, 8B) while the painting was still wet. 
After I was satified with the result, I affixed the paper to a 12 x 12 canvas. The paper is slightly smaller so there is a 1/4" border all the way around the paper. 
Before I adhered the paper to the canvas, I painted the outside edges of the canvas purple - also painted the 1/4" border. The glue I used to adhere paper to canvas was Gel Medium. After letting dry (when weight on top) for a day or two, I varnished the entire piece. 
"Matinee" is very textured, combined media paper on canvas - no glass necessary.
$450.00 + $55 shipping.

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