Thursday, December 11, 2008

Carol Marine - "Wide Open"

Carol Marine - 6x6in. - oil on panel - "Wide Open" - bid
I've been working on a series of these flowers. I asked on my blog if anyone could identify them (I didn't know). This is the great thing about having a blog for posting your art! I got lots of suggestions and finally the right one - it is a Clarkia (or Godetia), discovered by Lewis of Lewis and Clark. The art blogging world is such a supportive place - I recommend it to everyone. It also tends to keep us devoted to the practice of art as we now have people counting on us to post, even if it's just family and friends. And if you have the goal of completing one painting each day it adds an element of structure to our often otherwise unstructured lives (us artists can be a bit freewheeling, yes?)! If you want to start a blog just go to and get started. Good luck!

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