Sunday, December 21, 2008

Robert Burridge - Clown Series/Juggler

This original acrylic painting on paper is a continuation of my Clown series, hopefully to show the soul of the people who are clowns. This is the Juggler on a unicycle. The color is based on my color wheel system. The dominant color is red (and shades of red), the focal point color is a blue-green (Compose Blue #1 - Holbein Acryla). From my color wheel I also use "spice colors" - these are my accent colors to visually support the focal point color. In this painting, my Spice Colors are Cad Green Light and Katsura Blue (dark purple-blue - also Holbein Acryla). 
I selected this color combination in the morning before I started my warm-ups. 
Original acrylic painting on paper, 9x12 inches - $275 + $20 shipping/handling.

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