Monday, September 29, 2008

Robert Burridge - Pear Still Life

I love painting pears - I have been painting them for years. And I always seem to do a Pear Demo and assignment on the first day of my "Loosen Up" Workshops. I start off with the pure shape of a circle with a triangle on top - kind of like a jack-in-the-box. I create the voluptuous, figurative shape by putting lights against darks. In the case of this still life, the background on the left side is the darkest and the light source is hitting the pear at its fullest against the dark background. The right side of the pear - because it is more in the shadow, is darker than the background on the right side. So it doesn't look like it's floating, I always place the pear on a table and I always place a shadow to anchor it. I try not to place the pear in the center of the painting; it's more interesting to have my subject slightly offset. The final stroke of color is the "WOW!" I like creating small surprises - in this painting the surprise color is a kiss of hot pink Opera by Holbein. What gives it a wow is the extended color, glowing on the pear as well as the table. Pulls it all together. 
Original acrylic painting on paper, quarter sheet (11" x 14") - $450 + $20 shipping/handling.

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