Thursday, April 30, 2009

Carol Marine - "Escaping"

Carol Marine - "Escaping" - 6x6in.

I found this simple leafy plant growing in my new yard out in the country. Unfortunately it drooped rather quickly under my lamp, so I had to paint the leaves and shadows first and fast, and took my time with the rest. I felt the redish underpainting would look nice under the mostly turquoise color scheme.

I will be in Sedona this next week teaching a workshop at the Sedona Art Center. I am really looking forward to it as I've only been in Sedona one other time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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mbrecillo said...

Hola, soy nuevo en blogspot.Te propongo un trato: yo leo tus entradas y tu lees las mías para dejarnos ambos un comentario.

Si aceptas te lo agradecería porque estoy estudiando creación literaria y necesito recibir críticas de mi material.

gracias y suerte en todo.