Friday, April 24, 2009

Betsey Nelson - Taylor Study

Betsey Nelson - Taylor Study 10x8 oil NFS
This shows the two stages in trying to work out a painting that was commissioned.
The first stage was done at the end of an afternoon of work. I needed to get the gesture of the subject right before I committed to the pose. Having realized this goal i stopped work and decided to see how i felt about it the next day.
The next day i decided it was good enough to continue add some features and work out some color/values.
Again i felt i was on the right path so not needing any more information i stopped work on the study and will now work on the actual piece.

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Colleen Anderson said...

Betsey! I ABSOULUTELY LOVE IT! I am so thrilled to see it this way and I can't wait to hang this in my home! Thank you for all your efforts! Love, Colleen