Monday, January 26, 2009

Vince Fazio - Magic Land

Final 12x16 oil on canvas $300



"Magic Land" 12x16 oil on canvas $300
I'm showing a step-by-step just to demonstrate the continuity of the "abstract content" in the finished work and the beginning point - though the specifics of edge, value, color and texture change a lot - the abstract basis of the composition (or you might say the shapes of the composition) do not change much. "Magic Land" refers to the subject but also to the magical quality of painting - that planes of color and value create a virtual world.
The process used in this painting - that of creating a quick acrylic underpainting - and then using oil paint as the finishing process will also be explored in my upcoming workshop here at the arts center "Painting Without Fear" in March 16 -20.
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