Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Michael Chesley Johnson - Looking Into the Shadows

"Doe Mountain Colors"
5x7, pastel

I've been in Sedona for a little over three weeks now, painting up a storm. One of the subjects I find myself continually drawn to are mountain shadows. Many people praise the brightly-lit summits in evening light; but I'm seeking out all the hidden colors in the shadows.

At noontime, the sunlit cliffs tend to be the color of terra cotta or, if you look higher up the strata, more of a warm, chalky color. The shadows, however, seem to have every color of the rainbow. I've had a lot of fun painting them, especially in pastel, which gives me so many immediate and rich color choices. Can you find all the colors in the shadows of Doe Mountain (above)?

Michael Chesley Johnson

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Linda Richichi said...

Hi Michael,

I love receiving your blog although I am a bit jealous since I'm not traveling this year. At least I feel the warmth come through in your wonderful paintings that are filled with so many cool colors in the shadows. As usual, great job and enjoy. NY is having another cold snowy day. Despite the snow falling which makes for a gray day, thanks to your blog, as I now look out the window I see the subtle colors that are everywhere. This cheers me up. Thanks again.