Thursday, July 17, 2008

Michael Chesley Johnson - Liberty Point Wave

Rocks can be overwhelming - especially when there are many of them! Sometimes you'll find a group of rocks with a built-in composition that works perfectly. But more than likely, you'll have to search for a pleasing design. Quite often, the solution lies in finding a point of interest, zooming in so it fills the frame, and then zooming out just a bit to include a few other elements for a successful design. I try to use the fewest elements I can.

Where I live, along the bold coast of the Canadian Maritimes, we have many tumble-down cliffs, ragged points and nameless rock outcrops. The other day I went out with my pastels to paint Liberty Point, a massive rock just off the southeastern tip of Campobello Island. First, here's a photograph of Liberty Point so you can see the complexity:

But rather than try to capture the entire rock in all its glory and fail, I decided to take a small view and succeed. I chose a couple of rocks down near the water line with a wave breaking gently over the wrackweed. It's an intimate close-up.

"Liberty Point Wave" - Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA, MPAC, PSNM
5x7, pastel, en plein air


chessie said...

Ahhhh, I know these rocks well. Very difficult to climb down to it and exciting to see the waves wash over the entire Sugar Loaf in November. Lovely painting.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Right, I remember now, that you're from New Brunswick?
Lovely work.