Sunday, May 4, 2008

Red-Winged Black Bird

Robert Burridge - combined media on Fabriano Watercolor paper 10x10 $275
Birds... my latest inspiration. I have no idea where or when this all started. For sometime now, I have been wanting to create a series of black and grey paintings of Red Winged Black Birds. Birds appeal to me. Their flight, their delicacy, their vulnerability. Everything works inside of them. A perfect design, like an egg. If I had to paint someone else’s vision or someone else’s point of view, I would burn out quickly. I would be copying someone else’s dream. But when I paint a subject I am drawn to, I embrace it! I make it my own. I’ll paint the subject over and over again. Before long, I’ve got another series established. Combined media: acrylic and Derwent watersoluble pencil.

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